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Raspbian – Rotate Screen

  If you need to rotate your screen in Raspbian you will find that it is not as simple as you are used to. Advertisements

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Python 02: fake key or mouse input

If you need your python program to emulate a mouse movement/click or a key press here is what you need to do.

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Posting source code on

If you’re using and you want to post you source code, there is a tag that will help you.

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Raspbian – ssh and sshfs

If your Raspberry is connected to a network there are two basic ways to remotely interact with it: SSH and SSHFS. In this post I will describe each and when to use them.

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Python 01: OpenCV + Webcam

Usual when one starts learning any programming language, Hello World program should always be first contact. In python that is just not educative… too simple. Because of that, I started with something a little more interesting, display webcam’s output.

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Until today, my Raspberry Pi was only used as a media center with the help of Kodi. Today I decided to adventure myself in the world of Raspberry Pi programming.

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Starting with OpenCV

I installed OpenCv (Windows) and compiling my first code was not as easy as I expected. Basically my %OPENCV_DIR% environment variable didn’t work and this is a work around.    

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