Julia Lang and IDE install

Julia (or Julia Lang) is a relatively new high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language. It combines C performance with Python readability and it mostly used for numerical computing.

Here is a simple guide to install julia and its “official” IDE – Juno.

“Walks like Python. Runs like C”

Installing Julia

First, download Julia for your platform from the downloads page.


On Linux

  1. Unzip the downloaded folder and place it in your home directory.
  2. Make sure to have dependencies curl and cmake installed.

On Windows

  1. Run the downloaded installer, using the default settings.
  2. link (shortcut) to julia:
    sudo ln -s [install location] /usr/local/bin/julia

Installing Atom (IDE) + Juno (Julia package)


It’s quite straight forward: download Atom, install and open it.


  1. In Atom, go to Settings (Ctrl+,) and go to the “Install” panel.
  2. Type uber-juno into the search box , hit enter and install the package with the same name.

source: http://junolab.org/

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