Until today, my Raspberry Pi was only used as a media center with the help of Kodi.
Today I decided to adventure myself in the world of Raspberry Pi programming.

First thing I did was to buy a new SD card. This way I’m able to commute Kodi and Raspbian by changing between SD cards.

Raspbian installation

You have two ways of installing Raspbian in your Raspberry Pi: using an installer or using an image.
The image is almost 1GB file with every file needed to boot your Raspberry. The installer is a 7.4MB file that will download and install Raspbian to your Raspberry.
I decided to install Raspbian using the image since it is a way faster option than the installer.

Here is a step-by-step Raspbian image installation:

  1. Download Raspbian image from the oficial site: (www.raspberrypi.org): direct link to latest version;
  2. Unzip the downloaded file to get the image file (.img);
  3. Depending on your OS, the image file extraction can be done in different ways.
    For Windows:

For Ubuntu:

  • In a terminal:
$ dd bs=4M if=[rapbian_image.img] of=/dev/[sdcard_device]

where [rapbian_image.img] is the rasbian image file and [sdcard_device] is your SD Card device name , e.g. sdc. If you don’t know what is your device name use command df -h and check the size of your devices.

  1. Insert your SD card in your Raspberry Pi and turn you Raspberry on;
    PWR LED (red) should be always on and ACT LED (yellow) should be flashing. If this is not the case check this nice troubleshoot.
  2. Navigate through the menu and change Rasbian to boot in graphical mode every time.

After Raspbian installation, my keyboard layout needed to be changed.
Open your terminal and just:

$ sudo apt-get install keyboard-configuration -Y
$ dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

And, to install one of the simplest IDE (Integrated Development Environment):

$ sudo apt-get install geany

Keep in mind the default Raspbian username and password:
user: pi
password: raspberry

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