Static IP in Ubuntu

I needed to set a static IP on my Ubuntu 12.04-x64 and googling around I found this simple way of doing it that I’ll share with you.

To see the current details about your connection, write on a terminal:

$ nm-connection-editor

This way you’ll be able to see your current IP, Netmask, Gateway and DNS server.

To change these parameters, simply write on a terminal:

$ nm-connection-editor

or if you prefer, click on the Network icon on the top bar and then ‘Edit Connections…’,

Static IP in Ubuntu 01

Then a window shows up, select the desired connection and then ‘Edit…’

Static IP in Ubuntu 02

On the new window, select IPv4 separator, change the method from ‘Automatic’ to ‘Manual’ and and click on ‘Edit’ button to add the static parameters.

Static IP in Ubuntu 03

After saving the modifications, you should write this on a terminal:

$ sudo service resolvconf restart
$ sudo service networking restart

or if you prefer, restart the computer.

You may confirm that everything went as expected with the NetworkManager Tool,

$ nm-connection-editor

This post is based on G-Man’s post,

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